ON THE WAY // Everything filmed in this video was a surprise proposal – my plan to ask Tiffany to marry me. It took a village to make this happen. See the BTS proposal at the end!!!

SO CLOSE // It’s pretty cool when the same girl dancing in your video, is also the inspiration to the song. Writing music about my girl and shooting this music video with her, doesn’t get any better. Thanks for taking a moment to watch and listen.

RAIN IN CALIFORNIA // I really love dancing, so I made a dance video to my new song “Rain in California.” Co-written by Austin Nivarel, Robert Ragosta, and Jon Robert Hall. Directed & Choreographed by Tiffany Mallari Shot on iPhone 8+ using DJI OSMO mobile gimbal.

MOLLY’S SONG // I love my sister, so writing this song was easy. I wrote it for her wedding and now I share it with you all. Please go find someone, whether its a brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, or dad – find that person that you feel so lucky to have. Let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life, it’s important.

7 WONDERS (LIVE) //  I was on tour for 1 1/2 years and saw the beauty that this country offers. I also met a beautiful girl that I got to share these experiences with. It makes it all so much better; sharing those magical moments of looking at the Niagara Falls, or gazing across the Great Lakes. Thank you for this song Tiffany Rae Mallari😍

HURTING LIKE YOU HAVE // When I was going through a divorce, there was this chapter where we both knew it was over–before we separated. That’s what this song is about.

SORRY // This song, I wrote it about that journey, about forgiving myself, and celebrating life free from what could’ve become a destructive lifelong habit. For those that struggle with addiction, don’t give up. It gets better.

BET SHE’S GOT A BOYFRIEND //Had to get creative making this music video under quarantine – “Bet She’s Got a Boyfriend.” And, yes, it’s based on a true story. Appearances: Titus Makin, Britney Spears, and John C. Reilly Written by: Jake Scott and Jon Robert Hall

PRETTY GOOD // I wanted to share the message that even if you aren’t the strongest, fastest, richest, best looking, or most talented person in the room, if you can manage to keep an uplifting and positive attitude, you’ll be even more attractive to people and often times be the guy or girl everyone can’t have a good time without!

MY GIRL RITA // I’m not singing on this track. My buddy Riker is and I had a great time co-writing it. How’d it come about? I had this song idea rolling around in my mind. We were hanging out and over drinks, I looked at Riker and thought,”This would be perfect for you?” You can read more about it here.