“Sorry” Jon’s Story of Opioid Addiction

Jon Robert Hall’s new single, “Sorry” represents seven years of battling opioid addiction and, on May 29, the day four years ago that Jon took his last pill. Why the song title, “Sorry?” Jon says: I’ve spent years regretting relationships hurt and apologetic to my younger self…but I’ve come to a place where I can celebrate sobriety and move forward with perspective. “Sorry” is about leaving the baggage, taking the insight, and doing what I can to educate and inspire those affected by the destructive consequences of opioid addiction.

For Jon, opioid addiction began after a doctor prescribed Hydrocodone. Jon was recovering from a college football injury that required surgery for a torn meniscus. That injury became a turning point on all fronts. “I was preparing for the NFL, and then with the injury, my identity and future immediately changed. Little did I know how powerful and destructive, something meant to help me, could become.” 

It took almost a decade, the majority of Jon’s twenties, to realize the force that opioids became. “I remember the day clearly. It was May 29, and I had another prescription to fill. At that point, I knew that opioids were controlling and devastating my life. When I got to the pharmacy, it was closed. That was a sign to me. It was my day to regain control and quit. I went home and flushed the prescription down the toilet.” The next three weeks were hell as Jon went cold-turkey into the detox process. This photo represents a moment that Jon wanted to keep fixed in memory, a symbol of the pain and what he overcame.

Jon hopes that “Sorry” will provide those affected by opioid addiction with hope and foster awareness to the general public of the highly addictive medication that opioids are. Watch Jon’s video celebrating his journey. And, if you know of anyone that is impacted by opioid addiction, visit our friends at www.shatterproof.org for helpful resources.