Jon Robert Hall Releases New EP

After nearly three years of being on the road, performing, and songwriting, Jon Robert Hall releases debuts his first EP entitled “Past Tense.” Showcasing his California country-pop sound, Jon’s music features a unique fusion of acoustic guitar layered with pop subs and rhythms. In his own words, Jon talks about the inspiration for the EP:

It’s here!! This Ep is called Past Tense. It is who I am, from every young love and break up, to every grown up mistake. It is the best thing I could have done for myself in this time in my life. Pure therapy for me, and over the past 7 months I have gotten the opportunity to share it with you. I have so many people to thank for this entire Ep. It has taken a village of people coming in and out of my life over the years to make these tunes. I’m tagging those who I feel have been on this ride with me and have contributed to my life’s road-trip up until today. This is called Past Tense not because I am forgetting, regretting, or staying in the past. it is more recognizing that even though my past is behind me, it is still a part of me.

Jon’s EP can be streamed everywhere. Take a listen by clicking here.