On the Way EP

Artist: Jon Robert Hall
Label: Hall Pass
Release Date: 2020-11-20
Genre: Pop-country
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1. On the Way
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2. Find Somebody
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3. Tattoo
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4. Hurting Like You Have
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5. Tijuana
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6. So Close
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About New Album

Wrapping up 202o with this EP: On the Way. In every song, I give you a glimpse into my past and how it’s led to what I celebrate today. From divorce to finding love again, and now being engaged to my best friend of three years – through this EP you get to know me very personally. And, I hope that – despite the crazy ride we’ve been on over this year – you can find some hope. I never thought that I’d be back in this place. I’ve taken some lumps but it’s been well worth the journey.

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